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Best Dust Collector Reviews 2017 – Comparison & Buying Guide

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Best Dust Collector

Dust collector’s usage is for protection against dust and keeping a clean and tidy environment around your surroundings such as your working place or home. It removes the dust from the gas. As it is used for both industrial and domestic purposes, selecting the best dust collector with a reasonable price and rightly functioned is an important thing that shouldn’t be considered for a better safety and health issue. Let’s see some factors that need to be considered while buying it.

How To Choose The Right Dust Collector

To measure a dust collector’s capability and efficiency is always hard as it can’t be measured exactly! Here are some factors which need to be considered while making the decision.

  • Filter effect:

Filter size matters when it comes to your usage. Are you using it for ménages? Or this tool is for industrial purposes? While using this power tool, single-stage filters are the best and most commonly used for ménages whether a two-stage filter is mostly used for industrial purposes. So, while make the buying decision, keep in mind about your usage and filter’s size.

Product Name Our Rating Price
The Dust Deputy Check Price
Jet DC-1100VX-CK Dust Collector 1.5HP Check Price
Festool 584156 Ct Mini Hepa Dust Extractor Check Price
SHOP FOX 1.5-Horsepower 1,280 CFM Dust Collector Check Price
PSI Woodworking Table Saw Dust Collection Guard Check Price
Powermatic Dust Collector 1.75HP  2-Micron Canister Kit Check Price

So, while buying, determine first what type of collector you really need a single stage collector or a two stage collector, a big filter or a small filter.

  • Airflow:

For the efficiency, a collector has to generate large amount of air with velocity to separate the air and dust. That’s why airflow is very crucial. For a better airflow, a high CFM is suggested. Measuring CFM needs and sp loss will result in a great selection of this tool. So, whenever you make a choice, consider the airflow cautiously as it’s very important.

  • Sound:

This is really important to check out. Sometime it may awkward for you to use a dust collector with an annoying machinery sound is good enough reason to avoid it in the marketplace. So, this tool with a comfortable sound makes an impression for the buyers who are willing to buy it. So, before you buy, you take a quick sound test of your power tool.

Every collector has its rated sound effect. So, while buying, check for the rated sound system. Better if you buy within 70-80 db rated sound system.

  • Portability:

Portability is a key to efficiency of this tool. In the marketplace, two types of this power tool are available. One is portable dust collector and the other is fixed dust collector. A portable dust collector allows you to use it anywhere you want because of its portability whether a fixed dust collector can’t be used except that one place where it’s installed. For ménages usage, portable dust collector is sweet able but in case of industrial usage, fixed dust collector allows you to work for a long time rather than a portable one. So, according to your need, choose consciously and choose the best portable collector.

  • Self contained simple features:

Before making the choice and buying decision, checkout its features and settings if they are simple to use or any complexity is existed. You won’t like this tool with a complex function with a complex installation. So, look for it which contains enough feature and easy to use technique with a simple installation process. If any complex function is there, it may need to operate manually which decreases productivity and consumes time.

  • Dust particle classification:

Your working environment and dust around there and the dust particular should be maintained carefully. Select the rightly functioned tool that has the ability to remove the dust particle or components from gas. Not all the tools are created equally. Dust particular which needs to be removed for your working purposes, need to be identified first then select which item reaches your need best. .32 microns to the higher microns dust it removes, the best it is for you.

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  • Power outlet:

Power outlet in home and industry is different. So, before you buy it, consider its required power and your home’s power outlet. You can’t run a machine of 240v needed power with below 240v power outlet. So, when making buying decision, check out this power outlet system carefully.

Dust Collector For Table Saw

A table saw dust collector is used for wood workers to ensure a safe and better working environment without any dust particular. This tool is huge in size (a larger sized filter is provided) and enormously fixed dust collector. All you need to do is choose the perfect tool as told in selection process and install it in your factory or with the machine. A table saw dust collector is used for removing shit piece of wood. Below we have provided a suggestion of table saw collector from which you can get a proper idea on table saw collector.

Best Dust Collector

Best Cyclone Dust Collector

What’s trending in this power tool’s world? You know it right! Many users use a cyclone dust collector for the best available service. This category of dust collector has its reputation for efficiency and effectiveness, acute performance, sustainability and overall service. It’s well recognized as two-stage collector. Cyclone collector is considered to be the best in current marketplace for industrial usage. Below we have given a sample of cyclone dust collector to ensure a clear idea on this.

Best Dust Collector For The Money – Product Reviews

Buying tool with reasonable price is something that we all want. Some dust collectors are functioned with adequate settings but meets your budget best. So here are some suggestions for you which can satisfy you with performance but under a reasonable price.

Here are some suggestions which are picked by their quality performance, sustained performance, features, technology, usage etc. Let’s check them out.

#1 – Powermatic PM1300TX-CK Dust Collector 1.75HP 1PH 115/230-Volt 2-Micron Canister Kit

Powermatic PM1300TX-CK Dust Collector 1.75HP 1PH 115/230-Volt 2-Micron Canister KitPowermatic is a brand which is serving from 1921 almost for a century! It’s enough to tell about its service and innovation in technology. Through decades of improving now it plays one of the most important roles in its marketplace. This product of Powermatic is the best combination of your money and improved and advanced technology. This home based product has catchy configuration that made us to pick it for suggestion. Let’s check out the features that it provides.

Utilities provided by this product:

  • Canister filter with over six times filtering surface area. From our previous discussion we know well how filtering process affects this power tool.
  • A digital timer with a limit of 99 minutes set up saves your time with increasing productivity. No needs to give manual instruction again and again just set up a timer of 1 hour and 39 minutes and then enjoy your work!
  • Improved rigidity and airflow ensures its acceptability to everyone and making it hot choice. Airflow is way too much important as a part of dust collector. All metal ducts improve its rigidity along with airflow.
  • Easy operating with four swivel casters and handle. It ensures easy mobilization for this collector.
  • Enhanced capacity of collector’s bags saving your time and making the most out of your time.
  • 75hp motor power capacity ensures a better duty cycle.
  • 2-micron canister kits ensure its ability to clear dust and packing it.
  • Remote control operation with infrared sensor.
  • Double wiring power outlet 115v/230v.
  • Offering best portability as it can be used anywhere anytime you need.
  • A 5 year warranty is provided which makes reliability and 5 years of worry less usage. Having a problem using it? No problem, call the manufacturer and get it solved.

As we have gone through this product’s feature, it seems logical why we have picked this product. Advanced features along with a very much reasonable price it meets the best of your need. This single-stage collector is usually made for ménages usages.

Check The Latest Price On Amazon

#2 – Jet DC-1100VX-CK Dust Collector 1.5HP 1PH 115/230-Volt 2-Micron Canister Kit

Jet DC-1100VX-CK Dust Collector 1.5HP 1PH 115/230-Volt 2-Micron Canister KitJet DC has launched this product with some regular features that other dust collector provides as well but the fact is it also provides some advanced technology to make a difference from others. That’s the reason why it’s been taken here. Let’s see its features-

Features of this product:

  • This tool provides a great portability with moving or replacing it with an easier process.
  • Improved chip separation for avoiding filter clogging and results in efficiency in packing of collector bag.
  • 1100 cubic feet per minute stands for a greater and better airflow which is essential for quality performance. 1000cfm is needed for stationary tools and 350cfm is required for a good chip collection whether it provides 1100cfm.
  • 5hp motor ensuring a greater duty cycle along with sustained performance and air movement.
  • Double wiring power outlet of 115v/230v ensures both portability and easy usage.
  • 2-micron canister kit is provided which is good enough for clearing dust and packing it.
  • 70-80 db noise rating. So, no harsh sound and sound pollution.
  • 5 year warranty is provided. Within this time any kind of mechanical malfunction will be taken care of by the manufacturer company.

Limitation with this product

  • Remote control system with this tool makes it easier and comfortable to use but the product doesn’t provide any remote control system.
  • No attached air cleaner is provided with this product. So, if you need an air cleaner you will have to buy it outside and costs you some extra money.

Even with some limitation it’s still first choice for many users.

Check The Latest Price On Amazon

#3 – Festool 584156 Ct Mini Hepa Dust Extractor

Festool 584156 Ct Mini Hepa Dust ExtractorFestool has launched this product with some creativity! Most of us buy collector without having proper idea on functions or features or configurations that it provides. An outlook with some easy to use and simple convenient configuration is quite enough to draw potential buyer’s attraction. But besides, Festool’s launched product is technologically advanced and easy to operate with a reasonable price.

Configuration of this product:

  • With easily replacing system it can be used everywhere and can be transferred from one place to another with same performance.
  • 130 cubic feet per minute ensures a good airflow.
  • HEPA certified filter. HEPA certified means it is capable of removing 99.99% of dust and particulars down to .3 microns. It ensures an effective and quality performance of this product.
  • 62db rated noise is simply outstanding as other collectors available in market are rated at least over 70db whereas it is rated 62db only.
  • 30hp motor power enables it to increase duty cycle and sustained quality performance.
  • It needs to be wired with a 120v power outlet which is available everywhere. So, this global product can be used in any country.
  • Auto start and stop function saving time besides increasing productivity.

Selection process of dust collector was discussed earlier in this article. If we look over there, we can surely match those features with this product that’s why this tool is picked up for.

Check The Latest Price On Amazon

#4 – SHOP FOX W1685 1.5-Horsepower 1,280 CFM Dust Collector

SHOP FOX W1685 1.5-Horsepower 1,280 CFM Dust CollectorSHOP FOX is in the business for a long time and earning people’s trust by its quality production, service and performance. This product has been picked for its qualified sustainable performance with a long duration. Let’s see the features of this product that make it different from other power tool available in the market.

Functions of this power tool:

  • This tool has portability and light weight and easy to replace from one place to another.
  • 5hp motor ensures a quality performance along with sustained performance and an increased duty cycle.
  • 5 microns filtering ability proves that it has a great ability to clear the dust.
  • For installation of this power tool, it needs to be wired with an 110v power outlet which is widely available. It seems like a global product!
  • 1280 cubic feet per minute is just above average. Ensuring suction power with good airflow, it increases tool’s productivity.
  • A safety switch is provided.
  • 2 years of warranty is available if there is any kind of errors identified in function system.


  • Wood dust collector only

These provided functions are all well known to you as they were described in selection process. This tool has them all. Filtering, installation, warranty, safety, cfm, portability and duty cycle each and every quality feature is provided in this single stage wood dust collector.

Check The Latest Price On Amazon

#5 – The Dust Deputy

The Dust DeputyThe Dust Deputy is actually a separator which needs to be connected with vacuum to perform and ensure the overall dust cleaning performance. This has some great opportunities but some limitations are there as well. Let’s see how it can be benefited for us and what kind of problem we might face. Here is the pros and cons of this product.

Pros of the product

  • This tool has a great portability with lighten weight. It can be transferred anywhere needed easily.
  • It possesses a simple usage of functions but technologically advanced features.
  • It has an increased suction power which is allowing clearing 99% material before hitting the vacuum and only 1% hits the vacuum.
  • Waste disposal system is quite easier and simple.
  • This separator can be attached with any shop vacuum or others.
  • Very much reasonable price as it is just above 100!

Cons of the product

  • It’s only a separator so you need to buy other stuffs such as vacuum causing you extra money.
  • It does not work well with larger items. Larger particular tends to go straight through or it gets stuck spinning around the cyclone until the suction stops.

After all discussion, we can come to conclusion about this product that, this separator is still the best to use with possessing great features and a very much reasonable price. It’s the only separator in our suggestion list and with its qualified features, it’s been picked.

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#6 – PSI Woodworking TSGUARD Table Saw Dust Collection Guard

PSI Woodworking TSGUARD Table Saw Dust Collection GuardThis table saw dust collector is used for removing shit peace for wood work. It provides some quality as well as some limited issues. Let’s check out those pros and cons that this dust collector possesses.

Pros of the product

  • Table saw dust collector
  • Single stage dust collector
  • Protecting against harmful table saw dust
  • Up to 16 inch saw blade can be attached
  • 2 year warranty to ensure customers satisfaction
  • Light weight ensures easy replacement
  • Advanced but simple usage of functions
  • Can be connected up to 4 inch duct system
  • Portable
  • Easy installation process
  • Reasonable price charged

Cons of the product

  • Bad plastic smell
  • Does not carry sound well while using for intercom system

Despite having some issues it’s still the best as wood dust collector. It’s duration, life time, performance, quality etc has considered to pick this product for suggestion.

Check The Latest Price On Amazon

Final Words

After all these discussion about dust collector, you are an expert in this area. While you buy this power tool, use your knowledge which is earned about this tool. Take help from the selection quality perfectly as it’s required for qualified and sustained performance. The good thing about those mentioned product is they are provided with qualities and amazing performance with a very good price range. So, when buy the product, buy the best one available in the marketplace.

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